Master hard disk error f1 resume

Press, f.»

Disconnect it and see if your system boots with the raptor only. I'm guessing that you put Windows on the raptor. Ultimate boot cd 5 guide, january 13th, 2010, 02:34 am #3. Windows on 74 Raptor, midknyte, hello, long time! You've always helped me in the past, and i do appreciate your time. Yes Midknyte, i put the os and all the apps on the raptor, and all the pictures and music on the 500GB. I have until December of 2010 for warranty to expire,and another two years for the raptor, so i hope at least the raptor holds on a bit longer then this 500.

The test on the raptor showed business up as healthy as well. This worked fine for a day and then I get this black screen with "master hard disk ess f1 to resume." again. Before i left to come here to the library to post this, i called Western Digital and of course they told me it may be my windows operating system, since the utility showed them as healthy. He told me to hook up each drive to another computer to test. Well I do have an old antique compact with 256ram.2 ghz amd cpu and is slower than ratsnot. If I were proposition to test, i'd have to use to ide cables to each of the drives. The western digital guy told me that my winxp pro os could be the problem, so does this mean I will have to wipe the hard drives and reinstall Windows,all the apps,hardware,drivers, all over again only to find out it is one of the hard. Wish I could just plop in the original Winxp cd to over write the old os, and hope for the best! Thanks to all that reply, and a happy new year to those who do not. January 12th, 2010, 08:53 pm #2, sounds like your 500 is going bad. Once you start getting bad sectors, it will only get worse.

master hard disk error f1 resume

Master, hard, disk, error

I always thought this is a hard drive problem. Well, here's the thing. I am at the library because something strange is going on, and my computer is hanging and not responding. I've been getting the black screen with Hard disk Error Message, try to go to safe mode, then to command prompt, then to start windows normally, then to the start in Last known settings that worked, but it all takes me back to the hard. Maybe once or horse twice i can get on to the desktop, but then it just hangs, or I can get as far as the welcome screen, then it hangs and hangs. I have two sata western Digital Hard drives. 74gb raptor for applications, and 500GB for storage. When i am doing anything on the computer, It's been hanging recently and I ran the wd data lifeguard utility, the "Quick" and the "Extended" test on drive 2 (500GB) which came back with bad sectors which it repaired, then showed healthy.

master hard disk error f1 resume

"Secondary Slave, hard, disk, error!

Until i noticed that the.3v 820µF capacitor was getting blow. I replaced and okay now? 4 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down. Results 1 to 6. January 12th, 2010, 07:21 pm #1, master hard disk ess f1 to resume. Happy new year to me? "-( not too happy. Winxp pro/ Q6600 essay Intel Core 2/.3Gb ddr (pc6400/msi p-35 Platinum mobo/ geforce 8600GT. I was told that this message - hard disk error" could be the operating system as well as maybe a hard drive this right?

Asus-built Computer, american Megatrends Motherboard, intel dual-core.60 processor 6 gb memory, power Supply: Hitachi 640gb hdd. WesternDigital 1tb hdd, wd caviar 80gb hdd, wd caviar 500gb hdd. System was bought in 2009, drives are all from 2009, except 1tb drive, which is from 2010. Not exactly new, but they do function. I've used every sata cable on every drive, and they click when they're all the way in, they all appear to be functioning. The system was stable with three internal hdd dvd drive since august 2014, but was only used for a couple of those months, while spending some time in storage. I just fix mine today, i search about this, bit they keep telling me to check the bios yes I did, and i even set it to default Settings but still the same, my hard Disk is new and si the sata cable, i tried. I also removed the Processor which is intel and resocket it, still the same. Can detect my hard disk also in bios but when i install os it won't finish.

Master, hard, disk, error, press, f 1 to resume?

master hard disk error f1 resume

Status bad backup and replace

If I get. Error is it ok if I continue to use my hard drive? As stated above,. Is designed to detect upcoming failures in the hard drive. While the hard drive may not fail for several months, it is still inevitable that the hard drive will fail.

It is ok to continue to use the hard drive, however, we highly recommend that if you are still under warranty that you consider getting the drive replaced before your warranty runs homework out. Tip: Many users can also enable or disable the. M.A.R.T detection through their. 1720 - smart hard drive detects imminent failure. This error message is related. M.A.R.T and is an indication of failure. See above recommendations for additional details.

In the above example, the error message indicates that the Pri master. Primary, master hard drive is the drive that is bad. If there is more than one hard drive in the computer, this error may change depending on the bad drive. If the computer can boot after pressing the. F1 key immediately backup all information on the computer and contact the hard drive manufacturer for replacement or additional help. In some very rare cases, the.

Implementation on your computer may have issues of its own and may need to be patched before replacing the hard drive. If you press the F1 key and the computer cannot boot, one or more of the files on the computer that are required to boot may be corrupted. It may still be possible to recover some of the data on the hard drive. You need to boot from another disk like. Ubcd or Linux livecd, which you can create on another computer. Once you've booted to an alternate location the files may still be accessible on the bad drive, and if accessible they can be moved to an alternative location such.

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Also if you need to buy a new hard drive, check that your motherboard can handle it's capacity. Some older boards won't recognise really big drives such as 160 or 200. Thanks a lot, i think the hard drive is broken down, so i have buy a new one. My motherboard is Radeon 9250, and i m just wondering to get a brand new sata hard drive, i m not sure whether my mother can support it or not, coz the old one is ide/ata only, by the way, if i would like. This thread is now locked and can not be replied. Updated: 10/30/2017 by computer Hope, the,. System is a utility that monitors the "health" of the hard drive and reports any potential problems. As an early warning system, it allows the computer owner time to back up any important files before the hard drive fails.


master hard disk error f1 resume

When i restart my pc now, it's come out a sound 'dig dag dig dag' from hardisk, then it say primary master hard disk error, press F1 to resume! Then said 'reboot and slect proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key but when i insert a xp cd, it's can't read, then i have to restart again. Sometimes it can run the cd, then inspecting and doing the setup but still failed. Wat should i do? If you have a spare hard disk that you can try, put that in before you buy a new one just to make sure. But it sounds as derivative if the hard drive's failed. Were there any strange noises coming from the drive before this problem.

is securly in place? Ensure that pc is turned off and unpluggged. Enter the bois and check that all the ide channels are on auto detect. Ide primary master, ide primary slave, ide secondary master. Ide scondary slave, diodorus Siculus has already mentioned that.;-) when i used the xp cd to boot. I go to repair, but repair still failed. And sometimes i can't go into the bios, sometimes it can detect my ide primary master, sometimes it can't.

Tell me what. As soon as possible. Sounds like the hard disk has failed. When you boot with the xp cd, you should get the option to do a repair install. I think it would be a good idea to get a new antenna hard disk, install xp onto it and use the current one as a slave drive. Taht way you may be able to save your data. When the pc is booting, do you see something like "press del to enter setup"?

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Forum Rules, contact Forum Editor, report a post. Everytime i turn on my resume computer it show me the message Primary master Hard Disk Error, although i put a window xp cd to reboot. It still can go into windows, n i can't reinstall the windows too. Could u tell me what should i do now? Is it i should buy a new hard disk? Now my computer totally down, i can't go into windows. N can't do anything.

master hard disk error f1 resume
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Recently my 80 gb ide old hard drive is corrupted so i purchased the new seagate 250 gb sata hard drive and only one hard drive connect in my computer).

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  1. Press f1 to resume error. A computer giving. Status bad, backup and Replace press F1 to resume. The error message indicates that the Pri master. Nov 17, 2012 when i start the computer my computer does not detect the hard drive and show the 4th Master Hard Disk Error Press F1 to resume.

  2. ( not too happy. Winxp pro/ Q6600 Intel Core 2/.3Gb ddr (pc6400/msi p-35 Platinum mobo/ geforce 8600gt i was told that this message. Hard disk error could be the operating system as well as maybe a hard drive this right? Jan 18, 2010 i tried for about forty minutes to boot to the windows screen, but each time i'd get this master hard disk error.

  3. I have posted dis problem yester day in hardware price. Jan 25, 2007 everytime i turn on my computer it show me the message. Primary master Hard Disk Error. Then it say primary master hard disk error, press, f1 to resume! Jan 20, 2010 happy new year to me?

  4. Recently my 80 gb ide old hard drive is corrupted so i purchased the new seagate 250 gb sata hard drive and only. Jan 13, 2010 the test on the raptor showed up as healthy as well. Thjs worked fine for a day and then I get this black screen with master hard disk error. Press, f1, tO, resume. Jul 06, 2011 the above error occure during post after pressing, f1 it says insert media and boot.

  5. Feb 13, 2015 primary hard Disk failure, press F1 to, resume. Sometimes the word Slave or master are there. And how long was this system stable before these errors. When i start the computer my computer does not detect the hard drive and show the 4th Master Hard Disk Error Press F1 to resume.

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