Dairy farming business plan

Dairy farming Business Plan, guide agri, farming

Breed selection of cow :- right breed selection is very much important in the dairy farming. As the profit is totally dependent on the milk yield of the cow. For breed selection we must take care of the breed which is adapted to our climatic condition and their milk yielding capability. For this we suggest the cross breed of Holstein fresian(HF) with Indian sahiwal. Or Jersey with sahiwal. Also cross breed of jersey and red sindhi is preferrable for the good milk yield. Generally breed selection of these cow should be done on the basis of milk yield production in general 15-20 ltrs of milk yield in a day is preferrable. Cross breeding technique with artificial insemination (AI) has drastically improved the quantity of milk production in the country which also increased the per capita milk yield production.

Dry fodder are wheat hay paddy straw(kutti) chokar, etc. Green fodder :- green fodder play vital role in animals health as it provides the essential nutrients required for good milk yield. We must have surplus area of land preferebly 2 acre for 15 cows for green fodder cultivation. Green fodder are basically leguminous rabby crops they are gram, barseem, maize, masoor, etc. They are rich in protein and hence increase the fat percentage in the milk. Mineral mixture :- It is essential that minerals concentrate given to the cattle to overcome the mineral deficiency. It is also required for the good health of the cattle. So for ideal food for the 1 cow should garden be in precise proportion of dry fodder, green fodder and mineral mixture with concentrate. Mix kutti, chokar and concentrate like khalli (sarso, badam or teesi) add water in it and feed them. Generally sarso khalli provides heat and it should be given during winter season and teesi khalli in summer seasons Badam khalli can be given any time as it increases fat percentage in the milk roughly cost of feeding one cow is rs 200 a day.

dairy farming business plan

Dairy farming Business Plan

For construction use cement and bricks and asbestos sheet can be used as the roof of the shed. Electricity and proper water supply is also needed for the high yield cows such as hf and jersey fan and cooler is also necessary during summer season. Cattle health mainly depends upon the type and nutritional facts of the fodder. High milk yield cows must be given 1kg of concentrate.5ltr of milk yield. If a cow yields 10 ltrs of milk then scintifically they should be provide with 4 kg of concentrate with mineral mixture. In fodder management we argumentative should know that there are three types of fodder what we give to the cattle. Dry fodder, green fodder, concentrate and mineral mixture. Dry fodder :- generally the dry fodder constitutes 2/3rd of the supplements.

dairy farming business plan

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On the other hand in horse tail to tail arrangement feeder or menzer is constructed on either side of the shed so the cows are fed in tail to tail position. I prefer head to head Arrangement because it costs less as compare to tail to tail arrangement. In this arrangement feeder or menzer is one in between the shed. Shed should be in some elevated area to avoid rainfall water to come inside. Special attention should be given in the flooring. The floor must be made of bricks and cement with proper inclination so that the urine or excrete can drain easily. Proper Drainage system should be there to drain the urine on either side of the shed to avoid the stagnation. So for shed construction choose area which has proper light and sun with little elevation from normal ground level.

Let us take an example of 10 cows. It is scintifically recommended that 1 cow should have 7ft x 11 ft area and it also varies depending upon the size of animal. For 10 cows roughly we will construct 80 ft x 12ft of cow shed. Cow shed are basically of two types : Closed housing. Open housing, open housing are not considered these days as we keep high milk yield animals which needs extra care. So generally we should use closed housing system. Closed housing is further classified in two arrangements: head to head Arrangement, tail to tail Arrangement. In head to head arrangement animal feeder or menzer is constructed in between the shed with a separation wall in between so that the cow can be fed from both sides facing head to head each other.

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dairy farming business plan

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Dairy farming is very profitable business in india. In many parts of india be it a rural or urban dairy farming business has gain its importance and became very popular in terms of its profit margin. Any cattle farming business when done in proper and in scintifically manner with effective business plan leads to success. Mostly in every part of india cattle farmers are having lack of knowledge and also thery are not aware of the latest methodology and technique due to which they are not succeeding in this business. So i decided to write this article inorder to practically guide and help those who are novice or newbie in dairy farming and have keen interest to start dairy farm business in a profitable way. So folks, do remember that before stepping into this dairy farming business firstly you should mentally prepared that you are going to dedicate your full effort and time to this and special 247 attention should be maintained throghout.

Dairy farming Business Planning (For 10 15 Cows) what are the basic requirement of dairy farming in India? Surplus area of land for cultivation of green fodder (1-2 acre of land is sufficient for 15 cows). Adequate water supply, good your breed of cows (High yielding cows hf, jersey, sahiwal etc). Fodder management (Dry fodder, green fodder and concentrate). Labour, proper vaccination schedule, shed Construction, well spacious and hygenic shed for cattle is needed for their good health. .

We will make sure to advertise our business and products in food related and agro-allied magazines, reputable newspapers, radio and television stations. We will make sure to always attend agriculture related seminars, food expos, etc. We will also do well to encourage our loyal customers to spread the word out to others. We will create customer reward programmes and promos to reward our loyal customers. We will make sure we leverage on the online world in advertising our business and products. Market analysis market trends One notable trend in the industry is that pig farmers no longer focus on rearing pig livestock alone, but are finding it pleasurable to compliment the business with either crop cultivation or pig meat (pork) processing and packaging.

Also, even though pig raising had been in existence for long, the industry has in no way become over saturated. There is still room for new innovations and improvements. Technology has helped the industry in no small way as regards packaging and preservation of the products. Another trend is that, because of improvements in technology, it has become very easy for pig farmers to experiment with cross breeding. Various species of pigs are cross bred to produce new breeds. Target Market Our target market encompasses all. Everybody needs pig products in one way or another. Livestock products such as pork, milk, skin which serves as leather for bags, belts, shoes, etc are from time to time consumed by the general populace.

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Also, we will make sure more than 60 percent of the required positions are mothers occupied by prospective candidates who have had several years of experience. The following are the key positions to ghostwriter be filled: General Farm Manger. Accountant/Administrator, piggery supervisor, sales and Marketing Officers, field Employees. Receptionists, sales and marketing strategy, we are well aware that most pig farming businesses fail to make substantial profits because of their inability to market their business and products. Bearing this in mind, we have been able to come up with several marketing strategies to promote our business and products. They are as follows: we will start off by introducing our business and products to everybody. Starting with our friends and extended family. We will list our pig farming business in yellow pages ads.

dairy farming business plan

Mission statement, our mission in the industry is to become the number one reputable brand in Dallas, texas that sells pigs and write piglets, together with processed and packaged pork and other pig products. We want to establish our business to the level where it would compete amongst the leading pig farming businesses in the United States. In due time, we will expand our business to the international stage, into countries in Africa and parts of Europe. Business structure, billy willy family farms Ltd is a pig farming business that will be owned and managed by bill Williams and his family. The Chairman Executive officer (CEO) position will be held by the vibrant and energetic Bill Williams. Williams will bring in her veterinary knowledge into the business, and she will hold key positions in the first few years of the business. In due time, we will employ qualified employees to fill in the required positions. We will make sure to hire employees who, amongst other things, are loyal, competent, dedicated, and have a very positive spirit in doing business.

licensed, and it is fully committed to operating business while conforming to the United States laws. We will focus be focusing on the rearing and sales of pigs, and the processing and packaging of pig meat (pork) for consumption. The following are the services we will focus on in the course of running our pig farming business: Sales of pigs. Sales of processed and packaged pig meat (pork). Sales of dairy products. Vision statement, our vision statement at Billy willy family farms Ltd is to be recognized as the top leading pig farming business in Dallas, texas; and to also be counted amongst the top ten (10) pig farming brands in the United States.

The business will be established in Dallas, texas, United States. The pig farming business will be situated in one of our landed properties in Dallas. It is a very huge piece of land where we can rear our pigs and piglets; and also be able to install our processing plant. The business will be concerned with the field rearing of pigs and piglets, and also the processing and packaging of pig meat (pork). Billy willy family farms Ltd will be owned by the williams. It will be run and managed by both Mr and Mrs Williams. The major goal of the business is to maximize profits as much and as best as possible and permissible within the laws of the land.

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Are you interested in writing a pig farming business plan, and you are looking for a pig farming business plan sample? This article contains a pig farming business plan sample that can guide you. Pig farming which is a subset of the agricultural livestock farming industry is a business that particularly focuses on the rearing of pig and piglets. Other complimentary businesses include pig meat processing,. Below is a example of a piggery business plan. Business name: Billy willy family farms Ltd. Executive summary, our Products and Services, vision Statement. Mission Statement, business Structure, sales and Marketing Strategy, market Analysis. Financial Plan, sales Forecast, conclusion, executive summary, billy fruit willy family farms Ltd is a pig farming family business that is registered with the relevant authorities in the United States.

dairy farming business plan
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Dairy, farming, business, plan:No matter what the season is and no matter what the place is There is always great demand for milk in India. Dairy farming is very profitable business in india.

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  1. Using this sample, the entrepreneur is able to navigate through the most difficult problems faced by entrepreneurs with little to no experience on how to write a good dairy farm business plan sample).

  2. In addition to purchasing the necessary livestock, dairy goat supplies must be purchased and the facility readied. Take a look at some ideas that will get you on a successful path to a dairy goat farming business plan. Dairy farm Business Planning Presented by: Tom Armstrong BSc(Agr dvm, mba simcoe county Ag Info day, barrie ontario. Dairy farm Business Planning. Dairy farm business plan sample.

  3. The success or failure a startup totally depends upon how they market themselves to target their specific customer groups. If there is another dairy farm around, make a visit there to see how those business owners operate. "I have learned a lot on feeding cows and how to plan dairy farming.". Dairy farming is no doubt an angro-based project which is comprised of two aspects such as the production of the dairy product and dairy technology. Below you can easily find the business plan, its cost and the feasibility report for dairy farming in pakistan.

  4. Dairy farm Business Plan is Great source of Employment for the Unemployed in the world. Develop a business Plan and swot analysis. It is important to remember that a dairy farm is a business. Your business plan should include a cash flow plan that will help you set reasonable expectations for your expenses and cost of production. He went through various dairy farming business plan samples before selecting the best dairy farm business plan template to work.

  5. Introduction Of dairy farm Business source of idea company Profile Of Natural Milk Scope for dairy farming And Its National Importance Objectives Of Our natural milk business Plan Mission production department Finance department Marketing Department swot analysis Of Our. In many parts of india be it a rural or urban dairy farming business has gain its importance and became very popular in terms of its profit margin. Any cattle farming business when done in proper and in scintifically manner with effective business plan leads to success. How to Start a dairy farming Business With Business Plan. Dairy farming business is a profitable and the same time risky.

  6. Dairy farming Business Plan In India about dairy farming. Do you know that India tops the list of milk production, all over the world? So, friends, today we are going to learn dairy farming as a business plan in India. If yes, here is a complete sample dairy farming business plan template feasibility report you can use for free. Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a dairy farming business.

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